Site security services for the ITER site – summary of scope of work for call for nomination.

ITER is a joint international research project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of nuclear fusion power. The members involved in the ITER Project are China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States. ITER is being constructed in Europe, at Cadarache in the south of France. The construction of the ITER Tokamak and its associated plant systems represent one of the world’s largest and most ambitious projects in terms of scope, cost and schedule.

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On 26.7.2010 the French atomic energy agency („Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique“ in French, also called „CEA“, has made the ITER site available to the ITER Organization (IO). From that date IO is responsible for the running of the site. For the part of the ITER site where construction activities are ongoing IO has delegated this responsibility to Agence ITER France (AIF) until the end of 2011. Once this delegation has expired, IO will resume the responsibility for the whole ITER site.

Currently there are 2 separate contracts for ensuring the site security: one managed by IO for the headquarters area, and another one managed by AIF for the construction site, both of which will expire by the end of 2011.

The ITER Organsiation therefore intends to place one framework contract to provide security services for the whole ITER site. The framework contract is envisaged to cover the entire construction period, currently planned to take place from January 2012 until the end of the construction phase scheduled in 2018.

Scope of service

Several access points exists to the ITER Site which need to be controlled. At the start of the contract the ITER site there will be 3 separate access control points (one to the current headquarters area and 2 to the construction site), all equiped with guard boots, card readers and barriers. In the course of 2012 a fourth access point will be added allowing access to the future headquarters area.

The scope of the services to be performed by the successful company appointed to execute the “site security services” contract will include:

— perform access control during working hours,

— manage the delivery of access badges,

— site surveillance outside working hours including periodic rounds,

— fence control.

It is also envisaged to include a medical service for the worksite in the scope of the contract.

3 Pre-requisites

As a basic pre-requisite, applicants shall be able to demonstrate experience in providing security services for large scale government, defence or international organsiations, including nuclear installations.


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