Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company (CWFC) has acquired the assets of nuclear supplier Advanced Engineered Products, Inc. (AEP) for $1.85 million. AEP is a supplier of nozzle dams for the commercial nuclear power industry and its nozzle dam is used as a standard part of the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor design.

Steam generator nozzle dams are used to isolate the primary channel head of a steam generator from the primary coolant loop during refueling outages to allow refuelling to be carried out in parallel with steam generator inspection and maintenance.

“Curtiss-Wright continues to expand its portfolio of unique technologies through organic product development and acquisitions of both long-tenured companies and entrepreneurial technology incubators,” said David Linton, president, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company and co-chief operating officer of Curtiss-Wright Corporation.