As yet, Ukraine does not have plans to complete construction of the third and fourth units at Khmelnitsky, according to Henadiy Sazonov, project director at EnergoAtom. He noted, however, that if Ukraine decided on completion, it would not be Russian VVER-1000 models that would be chosen, even though this was the original intention. The model would probably be determined through an international tender.

Currently, there is one VVER-1000 unit in operation at Khmelnitsky, with three units at different levels of readiness, and Ukraine intends to complete unit 2 along with Rovno 4 (the so-called K2R4 project).

EnergoAtom has signed a preliminary contract with the General Contractor Consortium, consisting of Framatome, Siemens and Atomstroyexport, relating to the planned completion of the new units at Rovno and Khmelnitsky. The preliminary contract defines technical and commercial conditions for the technical and commercial conditions for the future general contract, valued at $500 million, which is now expected to be signed in 2001. The consortium says that, once the contract is implemented, the safety level of both units will be consistent with western standards.