Tests on the main circulation pump unit GTsNA-1753 are undeway (Credit: Atomenergomash)Russia’s Central Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (TsKBM – part of the engineering division of Rosatom, Atomenergomash) has begun lifetime tests of the main circulation pump unit GTsNA-1753.

This is the newest pump model, which operates without the use of oil. Such units will installed in units 1&2 of the Kursk-II NPP. The single-shaft circulation pump GTsNA-1753 is a unique development designed by TsKBM, with no analogues anywhere in the world.

The water lubrication system of all pump and electric motor assemblies provided by the design makes it possible to avoid the use of oil, significantly increasing fire safety. Excluding the oil system and the relevant equipment – oil tanks, oil coolers and oil pumps – also decreases the use of metal and reduced the weight by several tons. In addition, the MTsNA-1753 operating period before overhaul is one and a half times longer than for previous generation pumps.

Tests of the prototype GTsNA-1753 took place in 2015. Later, contracts were signed for the supply of units to several power units of Russian and foreign NPPs, and the unit was put into serial production. 

“Tests of the GTsNA-1753 are carried out at the production site of TsKBM branch 2 in the town of Sosnovy Bor,” said the director of the TsKBM 2, Alexander Parkhomenko.  “At the stand, which represents part of a reactor plant, the unit will operate for 5000 hours under conditions that fully correspond to real operating conditions, pumping coolant at temperatures up to more than 300 degrees C and pressures up to 200 atmospheres.”

He added that, during the test period, operations will be monitored by a computer diagnostics system that continuously records a range of parameters including vibration levels, temperature of assemblies, etc. “After the end of life tests, revisions and acceptance tests, the unit will be ready for delivery to the customer,” he said.

Photo: Tests on the main circulation pump unit GTsNA-1753 are undeway (Credit: Atomenergomash)