Highly radioactive water was found in the basement of the turbine building of Fukushima Daiichi units 1, 2 and 3, according to a report from the Japan Atomic Industry Forum. Surface radiation was more than 60 mSv/hr, 1000 mSv/hr, and 750 mSv/hr respectively.

Reactor-by-reactor, system-by-system summary from JAIF on 27 March

Reactor-by-reactor, system-by-system summary from JAIF on 27 March; yellow indicates abnormal/unstable; red means damaged/nonfunctional/unsafe

The contaminated water probably came from the reactors rather than the spent fuel pools because of particular radionuclides found, it reported.

TEPCO has already began pumping water from unit 1 into turbine building condensers, and is studying and/or preparing to do so in the other two units.

UK news agency BBC reports that workers have been evacuated.

In other news, Japanese authorities advised residents living between 20km and 30km of the plant to leave, but has not required them to do so. They had previously been instructed to stay indoors.

* NEI magazine has collected data of Fukushima Daiichi parameters from the past week, including the degree of fuel rod exposure, and reactor vessel pressures, and spent fuel pool temperatures. The information is collected by the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum on a twice-daily basis from government reports. The data is attached to the story with the latest JAIF report.