Australia WMC has reported production figures for the second quarter of 2002 which reflect the impact on uranium output from the fire at its solvent extraction plant in October 2001. Uranium production from Olympic Dam during the three month period was just 595t U3O8 (505tU), compared with 1276t U3O8 (1082tU) in the same quarter of 2001. Based on the current production rate, WMC estimates that Olympic Dam output for the whole of 2002 may total about 2400t U3O8 (2035tU), compared with output of 4379t U3O8 (3713tU) in 2001.

Meanwhile, Rio Tinto reported a slight decline in its share of uranium production for the first half of 2002. The company’s aggregate production fell to 2291t U3O8 (1945tU), compared with 2366t U3O8 (2006tU) in the first six months of 2001. Rio Tinto’s 68% share of Energy Resources of Australia’s (ERA’s) uranium production from the Ranger mine fell 15% to 1319t U3O8 (1118tU). The company’s 69% share of output from the Rossing mine in Namibia increased 21% to 972t U3O8 (824tU)