The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is currently evaluating the comprehensiveness of Northeast Utilities’ investigation into the loss of two fuel rods from Millstone 1 (see NEI July 2001, p2).

Northeast Utilities conducted an investigation, costing $9 million, to determine the whereabouts of the rods and provided it to Dominion. The report found that, although the exact location of the 13-foot-long rods could not be determined, they are likely to be at one of four sites, including two low-level waste disposal sites and two spent fuel pools, one of which is at Millstone 1.

Neither Northeast Utilities, Dominion nor the NRC believe the rods were stolen. The NRC has stated that it does not believe a public health and safety problem exists based on the likely locations of the spent fuel rods.

Northeast Utilities had been the operator of the three Millstone units until last spring when they were sold, and the operating licence transferred to Dominion Nuclear. The rods had been in the Millstone 1 core from October 1970 to September 1972.