The Nuclear Regulatory Commission in early June concurred with a staff recommendation in favour of restarting Millstone 3, one of the three nuclear plants at the Millstone station in Connecticut. The action cleared the way for a vote by the four commissioners. “The NRC staff said Northeast Utilities, the station’s operator, has taken appropriate corrective actions to support restart of Millstone Unit 3,” wrote L Joseph Callan, the NRC’s executive director for operations.

The NRC decision is qualified on Northeast Utilities demonstrating to the NRC staff that it has completed several additional remedial actions, including improving the valve alignment system and the performances of operators during the plant’s early heating-up.

Northeast Utilities had been under pressure from state regulators to get Millstone 3 up and running by 1 July, or have the plant removed from its rate base. Millstone 3 could be running again at full capacity by mid-July.