Two US firms, Merrick & Company (Merrick) and Nuclear Safety Associates (NSA) have teamed-up to serve the North American and global nuclear market. Merrick/NSA will offer analysis, engineering design, and fabrication/construction management services.

The team will specifically focus on small modular reactors, medical isotopes, fuel manufacturing, existing fleet support, and research reactors. The team’s services will include feasibility studies, licensing support, criticality safety, structural analysis, equipment, system, and facility design, and fabrication and construction management.

Merrick & Company, founded in 1955, has been involved in nuclear equipment, system, and facility design projects for private and government clients since 1983. Nuclear Safety Associates, based in Tennessee, was founded in 2001and serves the nuclear industry through front-end services during the feasibility and planning phases and through services during project start-up and operations.

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Reactor-by-reactor, system-by-system summary from JAIF as of 4 May