British Energy is extending the accounting lifetime of its Dungeness B nuclear power station in UK’s Kent by 10 years.

The company announced it has completed the necessary technical and economic evaluation, as well as the requisite external reviews, that will see the plant continue operating until 2018. The station has produced some 75.87TWh of generation since first supplying the national grid in 1983 and currently employs more than 550 full time staff.

British Energy expects total group investment in plant projects, major repairs and strategic spares to be £230 million to £250 million ($415-450 million) for this financial year, and £200m to £250 million ($360-450 million) for 2006-2007. This includes the cost of work on the life extension project. In addition, an incremental £25 million ($45 million) investment in Dungeness B is expected from the three years beginning 2007-2008.

Speaking at the 2005 World Nuclear Association Annual Symposium held in London, UK on 7-9 September, British Energy chief nuclear officer Roy Anderson said the company intends to pursue lifetime extensions for all its nuclear plants.