Full scope power plant simulators

The superior training environments of our simulators provide clear advantages for operator licensing, optimizing plant operating procedures and reducing costs. Operators trained in L-3 MAPPS simulator environments gain the skills necessary to increase plant performance, minimize downtime, and provide confident emergency response. Simulator uses include interactive team training, severe incident management, and plant design testing and startup/shutdown optimization.

L-3 MAPPS’ replica-quality hardware controls and touch-screen virtual panels create realistic, credible control environments. Real-time response to operator actions, and interactive instructor control ensure maximum training effectiveness and adaptability. Any scenario, no matter how complex or dangerous in a real plant, can be repeated, monitored and varied in real-time, providing a valuable tool for training and plant engineering.

Our commitment to customer support extends far beyond industry norms. L-3 MAPPS’ unique knowledge transfer program allows customers to gain expertise in the software and total confidence in the simulator. Users can directly implement simulator modifications to exactly reflect plant changes, evolve their training programs and expand simulator use into other areas.

Uses and advantages

Cost effective training for:

  • Overall plant and individual system operation and control
  • Team training to study interaction and improve performance
  • Emergency plan implementation and incident management
  • Command of malfunction and transient situations
  • I&C familiarization
  • Plant process computer training and testing
  • Highest standard of training for both experienced operators and new recruits

Other Benefits:

  • Operations optimization, including startup and shutdown
  • Reduced unplanned outages
  • Improved plant safety
  • Easy to upgrade simulator and keep current with plant
  • Multiple configurations on one simulator
  • Analysis of plant response to equipment and/or instrument failure
  • Efficient plant design planning and upgrading


For over 30 years we have worked with our customers to create superior training systems and have established ourselves as the world’s pre-eminent manufacturer of power plant simulators. L-3 MAPPS is a company of people with ideas and vision, with a desire to create value through innovation, and with the experience to realize success.

Technology overview

L-3 MAPPS has perfected systems to design, develop and execute the world’s most sophisticated simulators in Linux, UNIX and Windows. The entire suite works together seamlessly, offering real-time response, ease of use and design flexibility.

ANTHEM™ – advanced two-phase thermal-hydraulic model for nuclear and fossil-fueled steam supply systems.

ROSE® – the most advanced real-time graphical component-based simulation environment.

COMET™ – proven reactor kinetics model based on Equivalence Theory.

Virtual Panels – The industry’s highest quality, computer-based, control panel reproductions for simulator trainee action and instructor input.

Isis™ State-of-the-art; modular instructor facility for controlling simulator-training environments.

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