Korea Power Engineering Company (KOPEC) has signed an MOU with State Nuclear Power Engineering Corp., Ltd. (SNPEC) to provide technological assistance for the developer of China AP1000 nuclear power plant.

SNPEC is in charge of managing the construction of power plants as a subsidiary of SNPTC, a general design company for new nuclear power plants in China. It is currently managing the building the AP1000 plants at Sanmen and Haiyang.

KOPEC’s president Ahn Seung-kyoo and the delegation in charge of project development visited China in December held an explanatory meeting at SNPTC before signing the agreement with SNPEC on 16 December.

KOPEC demonstrated that it has sufficient experience and technological know-how related to domestic and overseas projects. The Korean engineering firm participated in the design of the AP1000 project in the US after signing a contract with Westinghouse Electric Company last March. Since then, it has made efforts to become involved in AP1000 projects in China, USA and South Africa. KOPEC expects that opportunities for participation in the AP1000 projects in China will be increased after signing of the recent agreement.

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