Kepco has worked in conjunction with Combustion Engineering and Kopec on developing a 1300MWe PWR, based on CE’s Sytem 80+. Until now the product was called the Korea Next Generation Reactor (KNGR). Kepco has since called the design the Advanced Pressurised Water Reactor (APR). The APR will be built as a 1400MWe PWR.

Kepco announced in 2000 that Shin-Kori, adjacent to Kori, would be dedicated to four PWRs. Kepco has now extended a formal invitation to bid to BNFL and Hanjung for the first two units, It is expected that Shin-Kori 1 will be completed by September 2010, and Shin-Kori 2 by September 2011. Component manufacture for the two units will begin at Hanjung’s Changwon plant in 2003 and should be finished by 2006.

At the end of 2000, Kepco told AECL that it would not build additional Candu PHWRs beyond Wolsong 4. However, a Korean official has said that it is a ‘theoretical possibility’ that kepco could buy an advanced design Candu which AECL is currently developing.