The backlog for Japanese nuclear-related equipment and services rose to JPY 2,277bn ($23bn) in the year to March 31, 2008, up 21% over the previous 12 months. Reactor equipment was up 19.9%, fuel-cycle equipment was up 19.6% and generation and transmission equipment was up 13%, according to figures from the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum’s annual nuclear industry survey.

Within Japan, nuclear-related expenditures by the Japanese electricity utilities grew to JPY 1,841bn ($18.6bn), up 9.3% over the previous months. Nuclear fuel costs and construction costs rose; operation and maintenance expenses fell. The number of nuclear workers rose to 47,335, up 3.2% compared with the previous year. In Japan, JAIF reported that construction work continues on the Tomari-3 and Shimane-3 nuclear power stations, and other improvement work on other reactors.

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