Gregory B Jaczko has resigned as chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). He will remain in the position, which he has held for the last three years, until a successor is appointed.


Chairman Gregory B. Jaczko

In a statement on 21 May, Jaczko said: “I have decided this is the appropriate time to continue my efforts to ensure public safety in a different forum.”

Jaczko went on to give an account of the activities that he has been involved with during his time at the US regulator. Over the last year these have included the response to Fukushima, severe incidents at US nuclear reactors (flooding, earthquake, tornados and steam generator problems) as well as the licensing process for new reactors.

He also noted the efforts to develop regulation and enhance openness and transparency that have been carried out during his time at the NRC. Work has involved the development and implementation of a safety culture policy statement, establishing a more transparent and effective oversight programme for fuel cycle facilities and setting up new security regulations and source tracking system.

“We stand as a stronger and more decisive regulator now because of these years of efforts,” Jackzo said.

Jackzo said that serving as chairman of the NRC has been an ‘honor and privilege.’

A new Commissioner is to be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for a five-year term. The President must then designate one of the five NRC Commissioners to be the chairman and official spokesperson of the Commission.