Fabrication of prequalification semi-prototypes for ITER first wall (FW) panels.


The European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy (‘Fusion for Energy’), attention: Paul Marshall, Josep Pla No 2, Torres Diagonal Litoral, Building B3, 08019Barcelona, SPAIN. Contact: F4E Procurement.


Tenderers may submit a tender for either lot 1 or lot 2, or for both lots.

Lot 1 and lot 2 will be awarded as mutually exclusive. Lot 1 will be evaluated and awarded first. A tenderer that is awarded lot 1 will not be eligible for the evaluation and award of lot 2.

Fusion for Energy considers that a tenderer that is awarded lot 1 (as a main contractor) will however be eligible to participate as a subcontractor in a proposal for lot 2 provided that this subcontractor does not account for more than 20 % of the value of the work to be performed under lot 2.

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