Solicitation Number: 2DB00-JOK-09-001

Statement of Work:

The scope of this task is to develop a method to predict the long-term fate of low-level waste glass in the subsurface over geologic time scales. In order to accomplish this task, there are four activities:

1. Identify an accepted method of testing glass performance in IDF

2. Prepare samples and perform accelerated testing of glass chemistry

3. Develop a computer simulation to model glass performance

4. Validate simulation with long term glass testing


The potential offerors that receive this statement of work are expected to answer the following questions:

1. Description of the nuclear capabilities and experience as pertaining to the statement of work.

2. Provide a sample of recommended long term tests

3. Provide a rough order of magnitude (R.O.M.) and a long term test schedule

4. Type of code used for long term testing

5. Quality Assurance Program description.

Primary Point of Contact.:

James O Knight,

Procurement Lead

Phone: 509-372-3669

Fax: 509-376-0825

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