Habia Cable, the Swedish high-end cable manufacturer, has signed a contract with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) to supply nuclear safety grade cables to the new Shin-Ulchin 1&2 (APR 1400) nuclear power plants on the Korean east coast. Deliveries are planned to take place during an 18-month period starting in 2014.

Habiatron Q class cables have been installed in all new nuclear power plants built in Korea since the construction of Younggwang 5&6 in the late 1990s, a total of around ten installations.

Habia CEO, Carl Modigh, comments: ”We take great pride in winning this important contract in Korea as it confirms that our long term investments in the nuclear market are paying off. ”Micael Lindberg, head of the company’s nuclear division added: “Korea’s nuclear industry is expanding fast and is one of the few countries besides China, Russia and India that is investing in the construction of new power stations.” According to Lindberg, the Koreans have consistently shown strong interest in high-tech innovations that can offer added value, both when it comes to the construction of new stations as well as the upgrading of existing plants.