GSE Systems has been chosen to supply an engineering simulator for the B&W mPower Small Modular Reactor (SMR) being developed by Generation mPower.

The simulator will be used as a platform for validation of plant system designs and the development of control and logic strategies. It will also serve as a key part of the human factors engineering programme.

Jim Eberle, chief executive officer of GSE, said: “Our flexible platform helps mitigate risk by allowing customers to verify and validate systems and processes at the design stage, when changes can be made more easily and cost-effectively than during plant construction.”

Eberle said that GSE and B&W would continue to work together beyond the initial phase to expand the scope of the simulator and synchronize throughout the design process.

The B&W mPower reactor is a 160 MW passively safe advanced light water reactor, with a below ground containment structure. It will be able to operate for four years without refueling.

In June, B&W said that GmP remains on track to deploy the first B&W mPower reactor by 2020 at TVA’s Clinch River site. It also expects to submit a Design Certification Application (DCA) to the NRC in 2013.