Nine events held in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Norwich on 8 September have seen around 1000 people give their views on new nuclear generation to the UK government.

The views will help inform the decision to be made later this year on whether it is in the public interest to give companies the option of building new nuclear power stations in the UK.

John Hutton, minister for business, said: “We have a preliminary view; that nuclear should be able to play a part in providing the energy that we need to keep the lights on and help cut carbon emissions. But it is important that we know what the public thinks.”

Asked: “In the context of tackling climate change and ensuring energy security, do you agree or disagree that it would be in the public interest to give energy companies the option of investing in new nuclear power stations?” some 14% of those attending strongly agreed, according to preliminary results. A further 31% agreed while 20% disagreed and 17% strongly disagreed.

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