Russia supplied a batch of nuclear fuel to the Armenia (Medzamor) plant. The station was stopped for planned repairs on 10 July and will soon be restarted with the new fuel.

Armenia owes $16.95 million for earlier supplies of Russian nuclear fuel and must pay another $13 million for the new batch. According to Armenian Energy Minister Karen Galustian, under a debt restructuring agreement (see NEI June 2001, p4), a $4 million advance payment has been agreed for the new batch and the debt will be repaid in 2002.

Recently the Armentel telephone company cut all lines except one at the plant director’s office. The plant owes $25,000 to Armentel, while the Armenergo power grid owes the plant $110 million because of consumers’ failure to pay for energy. The station has frequently delayed paying wages because of the debt.