Australian nuclear research institution ANSTO and the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) have signed a cooperation agreement. It will see the institutions partner more widely in research areas such as nuclear medicine, life sciences, radiation therapy, safety and radiological protection.

The agreement was signed at The International Conference on access to Civil Nuclear Energy on 8 March.

“CEA, with more than 15,000 staff, is a leader in research, development and innovation in Europe. ANSTO has key research programmes that have become possible because of our state of-the art OPAL research reactor and our unique accelerator capabilities, which make it mutually attractive to collaborate more intensively,” ANSTO CEO Dr Adi Paterson said.

ANSTO and the CEA first joined forces in 1992, signing a cooperation agreement on the peaceful uses of advanced nuclear technology. It enabled important collaborative projects in areas such as medical imaging, radioactive waste forms and environmental research.

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