Framatome ANP has signed a contract with Florida Power & Light (FPL) to supply replacement reactor vessel closure heads for its four nuclear units: Turkey Point 3 and 4, and St Lucie 1 and 2.

Replacement of the vessel heads is currently scheduled to begin with Turkey Point 3 in 2004, and continuing with Turkey Point 4 and St Lucie 1 in 2005, and St Lucie 2 in 2006. The vessel heads will be supplied by Framatome ANP’s Chalon Saint Marcel factory in France.

Earlier, SGT ­ a joint venture between Framatome ANP and Washington Group International ­ had signed a contract to provide engineering and services for FPL’s vessel head replacements (see NEI June 2003, p11). This work will involve offloading and heavy haul transportation of the reactor vessel heads at the plant sites, rigging and handling inside the containment building, and temporary plant modifications to support replacement.