A new low-level solid waste-only 200-litre drum supercompactor has been launched by Dutch manufacturer Fontijne Grotnes.

Fontijne Grotnes LLW supercompactor

Fontijne Grotnes LLW supercompactor

The remotely-operated machine has a throughput of up to 10-12 drums/hour.

It is suitable for LLW including evaporator concentrates, filter resins, scrap, sludge and miscellaneous waste. It can be fitted with a hydraulic ram with a press force of 1500 or 2000 tonnes, depending on candidate materials.

Unlike its older sibling that compacts ILW, it is only suitable for LLW because it incorporates electronics inside containment, and is not resistant to higher levels of radiation, said sales manager Yanto Schraa.

He said that two units of the LLW compactor have been sold so far, to customers in Australia and China, and 20 units of the ILW compactor.