BNFL Environmental Services has actively commissioned the first mobile waste solidification plant to process intermediate-level waste (ILW) in the UK. The Transportable ILW Solidification Plant (TILWSP) was designed and built specifically to process sludges and ion exchange resins at any of the UK’s nuclear power plants.

The mobile unit is currently engaged on its first job at Trawsfynydd, where it is being used to process radioactive sludge.

TILWSP is able to process and package waste into standard Nirex containers. The waste sludges and resins are handled as a slurry and put into a 3m3 drum, where they are dewatered and then solidified in a cement-based matrix. The product is then checked for quality before the containers are capped off with an inactive grout and lidded. These packages are remotely handled and put into shielded overpacks and removed from the processing plant. They are then deposited into a packaged waste store on site.