Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) has announced an operating services agreement with Exelon Generation, LLC for the management of Fort Calhoun’s nuclear operations for up to the duration of its operating licence, which is due to expire in September 2033.

Under the agreement, OPPD will remain the owner and licensed operator of the plant, while Exelon will provide the day-to-day operations management.

The Exelon Nuclear Management Model will be used to improve and sustain performance at Fort Calhoun Station. The model is a systematic, formal, detailed guide to every aspect of safe nuclear plant operations. The plant staff will be a blended team of OPPD and Exelon employees.

Gary Gates, president and chief executive officer of OPPD said: “By applying the Exelon Nuclear Management Model and the proven best practices from a world-class nuclear fleet like Exelon, we can ensure the sustainability and productivity of Fort Calhoun for the future.”

Gates added, “This arrangement is consistent with other business models being used for single-unit nuclear utilities. It provides the economies of scale and expertise of a large fleet, while still maintaining local ownership and providing OPPD customers-owners with the most cost-efficient way of providing reliable and affordable power.”

Fort Calhoun has been shut since April 2011 and will remain offline until current regulatory issues have been addressed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Exelon Nuclear Partners, a division of Exelon Generation, has been assisting with the recovery of the plant since January 2012.