UK-based Cimage NovaSoft has won a contract from Entergy Nuclear Northwest (ENN) to install a document management and records management system at the ENN headquarters, New York, and four nuclear units: Pilgrim, Indian Point 2 and 3, and FitzPatrick.

Entergy is keen to standardise systems and procedures across the plants that it has been acquiring. Tom Beneduci, director of information technology at the company said: “We are in the position to take the best practices from each of our plants and incorporate those into a single set of procedures and technologies, which will have a very positive effect on the operation of the fleet of facilities.” Cimage NovaSoft will begin with the assembly of a basic system with the common features that will be used in each plant. The base system will then be rolled out and configured to work with the other systems at each individual plant. Plants will be paired so that they can back each other up, to ensure access to all the critical information needed to operate each plant, even in the case of a single point of failure.
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