A new report published by the European Commission strengthens the case for increasing the use of non-fossil energy sources, such as nuclear and renewables. It projects the world energy scene in 2030, and shows a doubling in energy consumption, continued domination of fossil fuels, and CO2 emissions at twice their 1990 level on the basis of current business and technological trends. The World Energy, Technology and Climate Policy Outlook (WETO) report was issued by the EC’s Directorate-General for Research. See article on page 32.

Earlier, the US Energy Information Administration released its International Energy Outlook 2003 (IEO2003), which projected a 58% increase in energy demand and a 76% increase in electricity demand by 2025. CO2 emissions are projected to increase by 59% by 2025 in that report.

IEO2003 projects a drop in the nuclear share of electricity to 12% in 2025 from 19% in 2001. The article on page 36 sets out projections for nuclear power in the USA using the same modelling system that generated the IEO2003 projections, but with updated cost assumptions.