The dome has been successfully installed on the reactor building of unit 1 of the Taishan EPR, in China. The installation was completed on 23 October, just over two years after first concrete at the site, Areva announced.

Installation of the dome on the Taishan EPR in October 2011.

Credit: copyright TNPJVC-EDF

Installation of the dome at the Taishan EPR in October 2011.

Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company (TNPJVC), a 70:30 joint venture between CGNPC and EDF, coordinated the operation, which lasted half a day. The 240-ton dome was hoisted 70 meters above ground and lowered onto the 44-meter-high structure, entirely covering the inner part of the reactor building.

The next step will be to seal the dome by welding it around the circumference and covering it with 7,000 tons of concrete, Areva said.

Speaking after the dome installation, Hervé Machenaud, EDF’s Group Senior Executive in charge of Production and Engineering, said: “the dome installation on the reactor building of unit 1 of the future EPR nuclear power plant is an important symbolic milestone for the construction of the EPR in China. This operation is in line with the cooperation between EDF and the Chinese nuclear sector, as one has seen it with Daya Bay and Ling Ao.”

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