Other plants using digital I&C equipment include Chooz B (France) and Kashiwazaki-Kariwa (Japan).

Product and supplier NPP applications Installed base
Teleperm by AREVA ¦ Reactor protection system ¦ USA: Callaway, Comanche Peak, Oconee
¦ Engineered safety feature actuation system ¦ Europe: Beznau, Forsmark, Ringhals, Oskarshamn, Neckarwestheim, Biblis, Philippsburg [NEI June 2010, pp20-2], Paks, Santa María de Garoña,
¦ Turbine control system ¦ China: Qinshan, Tianwan, Ling Ao
¦ Rod control system
¦ Condensate polishing system
Common Q by Westinghouse ¦ Plant protection system ¦ USA: Calvert Cliffs, Watts Bar, Palo Verde
¦ Engineered safety feature actuation system ¦ Korea: Ulchin, Kori, Wolsong
¦ Post-accident monitoring system
¦ Core protection calculator system
Tricon by Invensys ¦ Reactor protection system ¦ USA: Oconee, D.C. Cook, Columbia
¦ Engineered safety feature actuation system ¦ Europe: Kozloduy and Rovno
¦ Turbine control
¦ Feedwater control
¦ Rod position indication
Eagle 21 by Westinghouse ¦ Digital reactor protection system ¦ USA: Watts Bar, Sequoyah, Diablo Canyon, and Turkey Point
¦ UK: Sizewell B
¦ Czech Republic: Temelin