The Authority is seeking responses from companies able to source Fuller’s Earth to the required specification and to package it to the required specification and supply the following items in the quantities required:

Decontamination Kit Personal (DKP) No1 (Pack of 4 pads).

Decontamination Kit Personal (DKP) No2 (Puffer Bottle).

Fullers Earth Special – 3.85 kg.

Fullers Earth Technical – 500g.


Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Protection IPT, DE&S

CBNRN-COM3 MoD Abbey Wood

Attn: Mr MJ.Davies

BS34 8JH Bristol


Tel. +44 3067934396


Fax +44 3067931906

The Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) Delivery Team (DT) are equipment sponsors for Hazard Management and Decontamination equipment.

The Authority has a requirement for the re-supply of Decontamination Kit Personal (DKP) No1, DKP No2, Fullers’ Earth (FE) Special and FE Technical. All four items consist of FE packaged to differing requirements and specifications, to perform a different function.

FE is a naturally occurring material composed principally of Calcium Montmorrilonite clay. FE is used as a filling in DKP No1 and DKP No2 decontaminant kits, and is also supplied in bulk quantities as FE Special (3.85Kg) and FE Technical (0.50Kg).

Technical specifications, drawings and stock requirements are contained within a Cardinal Points Specification (CPS) that will be made available to all potential bidders at the early stages of the tendering process.

There may also be a requirement to meet an operational surge requirement. Full details of the requirement will be provided in the ITT.

A sample of in-service DKP No1 and DKP No2 may also be made available to potential bidders as necessary at the ITT stage. This will be to serve as an example of the type of capability the Authority requires and assist potential bidders with the development of their ITT responses.

Excluding VAT 800 GBP