The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited invites bids for the creep adjustment of shock absorber nut assemblies of the coolant channels at Kaiga Atomic Generating Station, unit 2.

Scope of work:

1. Creep adjustment of coolant channels:

Contractor shall depute personnel experienced in similar kind of activity (creep adjustment). Contractor personnel shall qualify at mock up given by NPCIL. No personnel are allowed work in actual job unless he is qualified at mockup. Cost incurred in rejection will not be born by NPCIL, it is completely responsibility of contractor to deploy qualified personnel for carrying out actual job. He shall mobilize the manpower ten days before the actual start of job with the consent of Engineer-in-Charge.

Contractor shall be able to mobilize extra man-power in case of any job exigencies.

Contractor should follow standard procedures for carrying the job. Following are important activities to be carried out during Creep adjustment job, this may vary slightly with channel position and radiological conditions.

The job involves following activities:

– Platform erection to the identified channel.

– Shifting all the tools and tackles required for creep adjustment.

– Checking creep gap physically and noting down the same.

– Applying belzona compound on identified channel.

– Loosening front locking nut of guiding stud of yoke assembly.

– Loosening of back nut.
– Adjusting the creep gap and locking both the nuts.

– Checking the gap of rear nut. If the gap is found less or rear nut touching the yoke assembly it is to be adjusted and locked at extreme end.

– QA clearance by NPC.

– Cleaning the area.

– Shifting of tools to decontamination centre.

2: Channel repositioning job involves following activities.

– Erection of platform on north side FM vault.

– Checking position of yoke assembly with yoke stud nut.

– Unlocking the lock washer of rear nut.

– Loosening the front lock nut (24mm)

– Loosening front main nut.

– Maintaining the required gap.

– QA clearance by NPC.

– Locking rear nut with yoke assembly.

– Locking front main nut and lock nut with yoke assembly.

– Carrying creep adjustment job on south side.

– QA clearance by NPC.

– Locking of front and rear nut washer of North side coolant channel.

– House keeping.


Location: The Project Site is located in the state of Karnataka, at Kaiga (56 Kms, east of Karwar from NH 17 via Mallapur)

Contract duration: 6 months

Language: English

Deadline: 07.04.2010