The Pickering 4 nuclear power reactor has been restarted by Ontario Power Generation (OPG). With ever-increasing costs for restart, OPG has reportedly spent C$1.2 billion ($890 million) on this reactor, which is around two years behind schedule. The 515MWe unit restarted on 21 September, but shut again before reaching full power on 27 September for “minor maintenance”.

The reactor had begun producing power on 21 August as part of the commissioning process, but it contributed so little electricity to the grid that Ontario’s Independent Electricity Market Operator did not record any output from the reactor.

The remaining three units are each projected to cost similar amounts and are still off line. They were initially due to come online at six-month intervals, but OPG is now refusing to give projected dates until a review of the restart operation has been carried out. The review is expected to be completed early next year.