The chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) delivery team are equipment sponsors for radiation detection and monitoring equipment.

The authority has a requirement to provide an accident monitoring capability to support the nuclear powered submarine programme and currently provides a transportable reactor accident monitoring system (TRAMS), which is sited adjacent to a nuclear powered warship when berthed alongside, in UK authorised berths both within the UK and overseas.

The current aging trams equipment will soon require replacement by up to 24 maximum in number new equipment.

The authority invites expressions of interest from industry, for the supply and support of replacement equipment that can meet the accident monitoring capability, to remotely monitor, analyse and display radiation measurements.

Suppliers wishing to bid for the supply of this equipment shall be asked to complete a pre qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and thereafter may be asked to provide sample equipment, at no cost to the crown, for testing against the MOD requirement. suppliers, who’s equipment meets the mod requirements.

Contact: Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Protection IPT, DE&S, CBRN-COM2a MoD Abbey Wood, Contact: Mr Mark Milsom, Attn: Mr Mark Milsom, UK-Bristol BS34 8JH. Tel. +44 3067939040. E-mail: Fax +44 3067931906.

Estimated value: £250,000