The start of construction on Novovoronezh 2-2 represents the beginning of serial nuclear construction in Russia. Nine reactors are now under construction and, so far, Russia’s new build programme is on schedule.

On 12 July Atomenergoproekt OJSC started the concreting of the foundation plate of the reactor building of the second unit of Novovoronezh 2 nuclear power plant. The foundation plate for the first unit at the plant was laid in 2008.

Deputy director general of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation Ivan Kamenskikh said that Novovronezh NPP-2 this is this even marks the start of serial construction in Russia. “And now we have passed from individual projects to serial construction. This approach is much more economical.”

Deputy director of Atomenergoprom OJSC Alexander Polushkin said that the start of the construction of Novovoronezh 2-2 had proved that the government’s plans to develop nuclear energy were complying with the schedule

“Presently, Russia is building nine nuclear reactors. The rate of the construction is growing each month. I hope that the 2nd unit of Novovoronezh NPP-2 will be built as effectively as all the other units under our programme,” Polushkin said.

Meanwhile director of Nizhniy Novgorod Atomenergoproekt, Valery Limarenko, has confirmed that the 4th unit of Kalinin NPP is being built according to schedule. In June 2009 the general contractor fulfilled 102% of the plan. In Jan-June the company spent RUR3.297 billion – 104% of the plan. The fourth unit of Kalinin NPP, a VVER-1000, is due to be launched in 2011. The plant is situated in the north of Tver region: 125km away from Tver, 330km from Moscow, 400km from St.Petersburg, on the southern shore of Lake Udomlia

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