Defuelling at the UK’s Chapelcross magnox reactor has begun on its reactor 3. Through the end of August 2009, the 18 flasks of fuel, containing nearly 2,500 fuel elements already despatched to Sellafield for reprocessing have all came from Reactor 1.

Chapelcross defuelling begins

Fuel is now being removed from Chapelcross 3 as part of decommissioning.

The defuelling of Chapelcross is a major decommissioning project for the site. From April 2009 to November 2011, between 270-300 flasks will transport all 38,075 fuel elements removed from the four reactors at Chapelcross for reprocessing at Sellafield.

Tim Dunham, Chapelcross Defuelling and Operations Manager said : “Since April we have averaged nearly a flask a week being transported from the site to Sellafield. What this now means is the site has two reactors to defuel in parallel, giving Chapelcross the opportunity to ship up to two flasks a week, subject to flask availability.”

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