The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has published a list of 33 actions that it is requesting nuclear stations to take in response to its post-Fukushima task force report published last year (NEI December 2011, p11), and to responses from related consultations.

CNSC has grouped the actions into three categories, strengthening reactor defence in depth, enhancing emergency response and improving regulatory framework and processes. Short-term actions need to be completed by December 2012, mid-term actions by December 2013, and long-term actions by December 2015.

Actions range from relatively simple, such as reviewing emergency response drills (by end December 2012), or more technical such as an investigation of how to provide key instrumentation and control features for eight hours without the need for offsite support (also by December 2012).

CNSC staff will inform the commission of these recommendations in a public meeting on 3 May at the CNSC Public Hearing Room, 14th floor, 280 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

The public may submit written comments by 2 April via, or by post.