Measures have been taken to address deficiencies in cyber security measures that were identified at Canadian nuclear power plants in 2008, according to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

Cyber security programmes focus on protecting nuclear safety-related and security systems from the consequences of cyber attacks. They also ensure sensitive information regarding nuclear security and nuclear materials is not compromised. It is important to point out that nuclear safety and safety-related systems are isolated and separate from other systems and have no connection to the Internet.

In 2008, the CNSC issued an action item to operators requesting them to conduct self-assessments of cyber security measures in place at their facilities, to establish systematic programmes to deal with potential threats, and to implement protective measures.

CNSC said in a statement that: “Although security matters must remain confidential, the CNSC can confirm that site-specific analyses have been conducted since then and that measures have been taken to address identified deficiencies.”

Internally, the CNSC has a multidisciplinary team and is working with national and international partners, in order to proactively deal with cyber security issues for existing plants nuclear power plants and new ones, it said.