In the frame of a FHA-study (Fire Hazard Analysis) for our nuclear power plants, the routing of electrical power and instrumentation cables through the installation must be exactly known. For the 2 oldest plants this information is only partly available. This contract involves to perform a cable routing for those cables and to deliver, in paper and electronic form, the results enabling to have a precise knowledge of the trajectory of these cables through the plant between the electrical supply/ instrumentation board and the consumer/instrument.

The exact number of cables is not precisely known for the moment, but can mount to several thousands. The cable routing has to be performed on a nuclear site in the uncontrolled area (no risk of radiations), as well as in the controlled area (potential risk of presence of radiations). The cable routing has to be performed with the nuclear power plant in an operational condition.


Electrabel – Generation Headquarters, Rodestraat 125, B-1630 Linkebeek.

Further information can be obtained at: Tractebel Engineering SA, Avenue Ariane, 7, Attn: Ms.Marivoet Liesbeth, B-1200 Brussel.

Tel. +32 27737476.


Fax +32 27738900.



Duration: Starting: 1.8.2010. Completion: 31.12.2011


Technical capacity: Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if requirements are met: The candidates shall propose a well documented cable routing technique.

For safety and security reasons the technique and equipment that are proposed by the candidate, must be evaluated in advance before being applied on site. This will be achieved by a selection procedure described here under. Only the candidates who pass this selection procedure successfully, will be invited for the final bidding.

The selection procedure consist of three phases.

Phase 1: preliminary screening of the candidates.

A first screening and selection of the candidates will be performed based on following criteria:

— Delivery of the documentation as requested in § III.2.1 and III.2.2,

— The candidates shall possess a QA- system complying with ISO9001 or equivalent o delivery of sufficiently detailed documentation about the equipment that will be used by the candidate during the cable routing process, and delivery of a sufficiently detailed cable routing procedure (if wanted a confidentiality agreement can be signed with the candidate upon delivery),

— Capacity of the proposed cable routing technique to be applied on powered electrical and instrumentation cables,

— Proof of absence of electromagnetic, magnetic or other disturbance during the cable routing process on other nearby equipment will be considered as an asset,

— Delivery of sufficient documentation about the candidates experience in similar projects,

— Experience with cable routing performed in power plants in operational condition will be considered as an asset (list of references to be provided),

— Experience with cable routing techniques performed in nuclear power plants will be considered as an asset,

— The capability of the candidate to communicate in English o The ability, during the activities on site, to understand the instructions given in French or in Dutch by the personnel of the power station.

The candidates who will be invited for phase 3 in the evaluation process will be paid a lump sum. Therefore we reserve ourselves the right to limit the number of candidates for phases 2 and 3 to the 5 first ranked candidates which comply the best with the above described requirements.

Phase 2: Technical evaluation and testing of the candidates equipment and procedures o The candidates will be invited to make their equipment and procedures available to a laboratory appointed by us. Refusal to do so will lead to the elimination of the candidate. A confidentiality agreement will be signed between all intervening parties.

— The candidates equipment and procedures will be tested in laboratory conditions at our expense,

— A candidate’s representative can be present during the tests, however on its own expense,

— All equipment and procedures will be returned undamaged to the candidate after testing. If these tests will yield unsatisfactory results, the candidate can be eliminated for further evaluation.

Phase 3: On site cable routing on 22 cables.

In this phase the candidates will be paid a lump sum.

— Candidates will be invited to apply their cable routing technique on 22 cables on site (Doel and Tihange plant),

— Candidates will deliver the results in paper and electronic form, in sufficient detail so that a precise information is obtained according the exact trajectory of these cables through the installation.

— In this phase, candidates will be evaluated on following criteria: time needed to prepare and perform the cable routing on these 22 cables on site, his efficiency and organization, quality and detail of the delivered result file, respect of safety procedures as imposed by the owner during the works on site….

—After this phase a technical specification for the complete project will be handed over to the candidates including the exact amount of cables to be routed and describing the requirements to be followed during the cable routing process.

—The candidates selected for phase 3 will then be invited to prepare their best offer for the complete project.

—The final contract will be awarded to the candidate whose offer has the best price/quality ratio. In the bid comparison process the candidates performance during phase 2 and 3 of the selection procedure will be taken into account.

Planning for this project.

First screening and selection of candidates before 15.11.2009.

Phase 2: testing of equipment and procedures starts 1.12.2009 ends 31.3.2010.

Phase 3: performing cable routing on 22 cables on site starts 1.4.2010 ends 30.4.2010.

Receipt by the candidates of final specification 1.5.2010.

Deadline for bidding 31.5.2010.

Bid comparison before 31/06/2010.

Contract award before 31.7.2010.

Cable routing on site and delivery of results before end 2011.

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 20.10.2009.

Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up: Dutch. French. English.