Atommash has started production of the RPV for Kursk II (Credit: AEM)Atommash, the Volgodonsk branch of Russia’s AEM-Technologies has started manufacturing the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) for unit 2 of the Kursk-II nuclear power plant. AEM-Technologies us part of the engineering division of Rosatom, Atomenergomash.

Currently, a VVER-TOI RPV and a set of steam generators are at various stages of manufacturing.

Specialists are preparing the shell of the reactor core for anti-corrosion coating. The shell of the nozzle zone and the flange have been machined. Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) nozzles have been manufactured, and mechanical tests of the reactor bottom are in progress.

The RPV for Kursk II-1 1 has been completed and underwent hydraulic testing in December.

Also at the final stage is the manufacture of a steam generator case, comprising four shells. Welding of base plates is in progress, and preparation for heat treatment of the body is underway. Three more products are undergoing surfacing, machining and assembly-welding of circular seams of shells.

Kursk II will be the first nuclear power plant to use the VVER-TOI (typical optimised, with enhanced information) generation 3+ reactor design. Construction work on the first of two units at Kursk II began in April 2018, and on the second unit in April 2019. Kursk II is a replacement station for the current Kursk nuclear plant. Commissioning of the first two units will be synchronised with the decommissioning of Kursk 1&2 of the operating plant.

Nuclear utility Rosenergoatom on 19 January announced the planned stages for construction of the plant in 2021. At the construction site, ten key events are expected to take place.

Builders will install and position all hydraulic tanks for the ECCS in the reactor building of Kursk II unit 1 and the support truss of the reactor shaft in the reactor building of unit 2. Preparations will be made to supply power for the plants own needs. The plant also plans to prepare for the installation of the RPV, which is scheduled for 2022, explained plant director Vyacheslav Fedyukin.

The number of personnel at the Kursk II construction site will increase to 10,000. The volume of construction and installation work is expected to double in comparison with 2020.

Photo: Atommash has started production of the RPV for Kursk II (Credit: AEM)