UniStar Nuclear, the Areva and Constellation Energy joint venture has signed an agreement with Areva and McDermott International subsidiary BWX

Technologies to re-establish commercial nuclear power plant component manufacturing in the United States.

The agreement will result in the ability to manufacture components for UniStar’s fleet of US Evolutionary Power Reactor (US EPR) pressurised water reactor (PWR) nuclear plants, as well as commercial nuclear plant replacement components for operating North American plants.

“Adding BWXT’s proven precision manufacturing capability for high-quality major plant components strengthens UniStar’s one-stop shop approach,” said Michael J. Wallace, co-chief executive officer of UniStar Nuclear. His counterpart Tom Christopher added: “We must establish the necessary domestic manufacturing infrastructure to support the anticipated demand.”

BWXT’s Nuclear Operations Division facility, located on the Ohio River in Mount Vernon, Indiana, will manufacture the components under the agreement as a subcontractor to Areva and could begin manufacturing commercial nuclear components such as pressure vessels as early as 2006.

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