Alstom has won a EUR100 million ($135 million) order from Chinese industrial group Dong Fang Electric Limited (DECL) to supply equipment and services for six 1000MW steam turbine-generator packages for three Chinese NPPs.


The turbines for Ningde 3&4, Fuqing 3&4 and Tianwan 5&6 will be based on Alstom’s Arabelle technology

The power plants are Ningde units 3&4, Fuqing units 3&4 and Tianwan units 5&6.

The order comes after Chinese utilities China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co (CGNPC) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) signed an agreement with DECL for the design, manufacture and supply of the steam turbine-generator packages.

The Alstom model selected for the three projects is based on the first unit of Ling Ao Phase II (Ling Ao 3), which was delivered by Alstom and went into commercial production on 20 September 2010.

The turbine-generator package includes the GIGATOP 4 pole turbogenerator, moisture separator reheater (MSR), the condenser, the low pressure heater and ARABELLE; half-speed steam turbine, all designed by Alstom and supplied in partnership with DECL.

Alstom has already provided its turbine-generator packages to the Chinese power plants including Ling Ao 3, Hongyanhe 1-4, Ningde 1&2, Fuqing Phase 1&2 and Fangjiashan 1&2 as well as Taishan, China’s first EPR.

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