Editorial Standards

NS Media Group  journalists uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional journalism.

In our editorial coverage we seek to be independent, fair and accurate.

We make every effort to verify and check the information we publish and to be transparent about our sourcing. If you spot a mistake, or would like to make a complaint about our coverage, please contact Caroline Peachey (caroline.peachey@ns-mediagroup.com).

If you are not satisfied with the way a complaint has been handled please feel free to contact our Tom Marler (tom.marler@ns-mediagroup.com).

NS Media journalists are required to follow the standards laid out in the Editors’ Code of Practice and also strictly adhere to UK law in areas such as libel, privacy and copyright.

If you think our content has breached the Editors’ Code you have the right to raise this with our external ombudsman David Banks by emailing ombudsman@ns-mediagroup.com but please only do so after first trying to resolve the issue with our editors.

Mr Banks will investigate all legitimate complaints which can’t be resolved by our editors and will write adjudications which will be published on this site and given equal prominence to the complained-about article if your complaint is upheld.

The NS Media editorial ombudsman exists to ensure we are keeping to the high journalistic standards we set ourselves and to provide an independent service to readers who feel we have fallen short of those standards.

David Banks is a legally-qualified media law expert who offers ombudsman and legal training services to a number of media companies. He is a former co-author of MacNae’s Essential Law for Journalists, the standard textbook on media law, and he has acted as an adviser for  the Ministry of Justice.

David will adjudicate on complaints by making reference to the Editors’ Code of Practice.

Please note though that in order to engage the services of our ombudsman you must have first tried to get a resolution of your complaint by contacting our editors.

Privacy Policy
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