PaR Systems engineers remote handling and robotic solutions for nuclear industry hot cells, process facility and decommissioning applications, and chemical and conventional munitions demilitarization. Our products include manipulator arms, electromechanical and hydraulic telescoping masts, cranes, nuclear plant inspection systems and remote-operated size reduction systems.

PaR’s telerobotic and power manipulator systems enable national laboratory and decommissioning sites meet the unique challenges associated with operations in hazardous environments. Our systems have been utilised in a wide variety of highly specialised environments, including: radioactive areas (from low- to high-level), caustic environments (where we’ve addressed process & decontamination), in explosive particulate and gases, underwater and at elevated temperature.

Manipulator arms for hot cells

PaR Systems legacy manipulator arms have withstood the test of time in harsh environments with many in operation for over 20 years. PaR’s design of the M3000 and M6000 arm delivered to the fledgling nuclear industry in the 1960’s is similar to the production design used today. Currently, around the globe, M3000 and M6000 arms are the workhorses of hot cell and process canyon remote handling. While the components and production processes have evolved over the last 50 years, the rugged and thoughtful design has remained the same.

Using modern control technology, PaR introduced the Telerobotic (TR) product line in the late 1980’s. TRs have the ability to program repetitive motions and manage kinematic control with position feedback, standard with high-quality robotic systems. The TR retains the design and heritage of the M3000 and M6000 while providing modern robotic capabilities to hot cell and hazardous process operations.

Electromechanical and hydraulic telescoping masts

PaR Systems has designed and delivered electromechanical and hydraulic telescoping masts for hundreds of clients. They are a beneficial deployment platform for inspection systems, material handling (underwater or subfloor), and remote operations. The two types of masts we most widely produce are vertical and hydraulic masts.

PaR’s vertical masts, for manipulator systems and gantry robots, are reeved for consistent, smooth and controlled motion. This type of mast is used for manipulator and end of mast tooling deployment. Vertical mast cross section is designed for extreme torsional resistance to avoid damage from unexpected impacts and tooling forces.

PaR also builds a hydraulic mast which is typically used to position high payloads up to 10,000 pounds (4.5 tons). Both the mining and nuclear industries utilise PaR hydraulic telescoping masts. Primary uses include: deployment of manipulators arms; deployment of end of mast tooling systems; deployment of inspection systems and deployment of decommissioning tooling.

PaR Systems offers the following types of telescoping masts:

  • Vertical Long Reach
  • Multiple Mast Systems
  • Horizontally Loaded
  • Hot Cell Wall Manipulators
  • Hot Cell Overhead Manipulators

Cranes for the nuclear industry

Since the 1960’s, PaR’s cranes have had two primary uses in the nuclear industry — load lifters and integration for the transportation of a manipulator system. All PaR cranes are compliant with CMAA, ASME NOG-1/NUM1, and other key industry requirements.

PaR Systems offers the following types of cranes:

  • Cask Handling
  • Robotic Motion Platform (Tensile TrussTM)
  • High Level Waste Storage
  • High Capacity Gantry Crane (capacities up to 700 tons and spans up to 320 feet/98 meters)
  • Canister Crane
  • Radwaste Crane

We can incorporate a variety of technology into your crane system including: in-cell remote operation, redundant drives, single failure proof design, remote recovery, automated controls, Ethernet networked controls, exchangeable trolleys, and special grapples.

Tensile Truss™ Mobile Tool Platform

The Tensile TrussTM is a custom-made Mobile Tool Platform (MTP) which serves as a stable platform for remotely operated tools. The Tensile TrussTM is composed of two triangular shaped platforms, upper and lower, connected by six wire ropes and positioned by six hoists.

The hoists raise and lower the platform and can sustain significant horizontal loads and torque generated by tools. This rigid platform provides an ideal delivery system for remote tooling that is required in long-term projects like the dismantling of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Nuclear plant inspection systems

Non-destructive testing is crucial to ensure the safety of nuclear components and waste shipments. PaR Systems’ LaserUT®, x-ray radiography systems and positioners use the latest technology in nuclear product and waste container real-time inspection. PaR’s inspection systems for hazardous environment applications are utilised to inspect radwaste containers, artillery shells, artillery shell fuses and nuclear reactor pressure vessels.

Size reduction systems

PaR remote handling and robotics systems reduce obsolete nuclear reactor components using waterjet technology, and structural materials for processes such as plasma arc and saw cutting. Our size reduction systems feature automated and remote-operated cutting processes.

From a simple task like manipulator positioning a plasma arc torch to a sophisticated task like cutting requiring automatic standoff and following a path for cutting contours, PaR assists companies worldwide with their reduction needs. Let us help you develop a cutting process by integrating cutting tools, performing proof of principal and reliability testing for new processes.

PaR has delivered more than 270 solutions to clients in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and across the world. Contact us using the form below for more information on our products and services.