NAC International (NAC) is an industry-leading provider of engineering, consulting and nuclear fuel management solutions for nuclear facility operators, fuel cycle companies and government agencies. Headquartered in Peachtree Corners, GA, the company offers a proven process for the design, licensing and deployment of innovative technologies to store, transport and manage nuclear materials, including high level waste and spent nuclear fuel. Our professional staff possesses unsurpassed nuclear industry knowledge and experience, necessary for today's most demanding requirements to achieve nuclear fuel cycle performance excellence.

NAC's unique reputation is reinforced by its diverse customer portfolio, which includes the top nuclear organizations worldwide. For example, NAC has provided dry spent fuel storage technology at over half of the spent fuel at shut down US commercial nuclear facilities, clearly demonstrating decommissioning leadership. NAC's Engineering and Projects Division offers the following services:

  • Dry Storage and Transportation Casks
  • Cask Engineering and Licensing
  • Safety Analysis of systems and components (Structural, Thermal, Shielding, Criticality)
  • Neutron shielding materials
  • Project management / Fabrication Management
  • State of the art engineering models

NAC also offers comprehensive nuclear material packaging and transportation services. In accordance with the latest international regulations and supported by our large fleet of spent fuel transport casks, our proven team of cask operators and field engineers constantly provide full scope services to relocate and manage nuclear materials domestically and internationally. NAC has safely completed more than 3,700 shipments of spent fuel and high-level waste, covering over seven million miles. This experience includes numerous transportation projects for nuclear utilities, commercial companies, the Department of Energy, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and other nuclear organizations around the world.

NAC's Consulting Division continuously serves the world's most prestigious nuclear organizations in providing impartial consulting and training services in all technical and business aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle from uranium through waste disposal. In addition, NAC provides Strategy & Management, Emerging Commercial Nuclear New Build, Nuclear Fuel Performance, Nuclear Material Safeguards & Security, Human Resource Development, and QA/QC consulting services. No matter how complex the nuclear market may become, NAC consultants will be there to provide well-informed advice.