GAMMA Technical Corporation was founded in 1920 and has been working in nuclear measurement for over 60 years. The development and production of scintillation detectors was started in 1960 and has continued uninterrupted since then, based on our crystal-growing facility.

We provide as the core of our product range Intelligent Scintillation Probes for gamma spectrometry, alpha, beta and neutron measurement, with complete spectrometric software packages and lead-shielded low-background measuring stations for laboratory applications. Simultaneous measurement of different radiation types is possible with our compound scintillators.

Development of our Radiation Portal Monitors started after the Chernobyl incident to filter out contaminated cargoes coming from the USSR. Today, we offer a wide range of radiation control monitors for checking persons, cargoes, vehicles, parcels, conveyors, etc. All of them are based on our intelligent scintillation probes, with several configurations and features such as isotope identification capability, additional hand-foot contamination detection, neutron detection and remote surveillance to satisfy all customer requirements.

The construction of our scintillation probes – the device has a built-in analyser, HV power supply and spectrum stabiliser – makes it possible to create portable instruments for activity measurement, isotope identification and spectrometry tasks, with or without lead shielding.

In response to steadily-increasing demand to reduce the amount of radioactive materials emitted by isotope labs, medical and nuclear facilities, we have developed our Emission Monitoring and Control System, which is capable of continuously monitoring and calculating nuclide-specific releases, such as the different chemical forms of iodine and noble gases in emitted liquid or gaseous materials.

We have several years’ experience with Geiger-Müller tube-based measuring instruments, transmitters and monitoring systems, from area monitoring and small-scale local systems to countrywide monitoring and early-warning networks.

In addition to the technologies above, we provide complex radiation protection and emission-monitoring systems for isotope labs and nuclear facilities. With its central hardware and software components, the system is capable of supervising the facility’s area monitors, portal monitors, emission-monitoring subsystem and alarming components, as well as performing immediate action and supporting the operator in conducting the necessary procedures in case of an incident.

In 2015, Respirator Zrt (est. 1928), a traditional manufacturer of personal respiratory protective equipment, merged with GAMMA Technical Corporation, expanding our product range with breathing protection equipment and decontamination systems. The line of Personal Protective Equipment that continues to be manufactured and marketed under the Respirátor brand includes Escape Hoods and medium-capacity filter canisters, including Reactor P3D which provides protection against radioactive iodine and methyl iodide, as well as radioactive dusts and aerosols. Together with GAMMA’s already-existing product portfolio, which includes radiation reconnaissance devices and handheld instruments, we offer a wide range of disaster management equipment. Our latest development is a unique, completely shielded off-road vehicle for nuclear emergency response purposes with on-board radiation measuring system and collective protection capability.

We are ready to serve customers’ needs in nuclear measurement with our expertise, whether for a complex monitoring system or a unique device to perform a special measurement task.