Darchem is a market leader in the manufacture and installation of metal fabrications to the Global Nuclear Industry. Expertise includes: Modular pool liners; Waste Boxes; Pipes & Ducting; Reflective Metallic Insulation; Fire protection, including endothermic materials to protect cable trays. Darchem products are installed in over 180 nuclear facilities worldwide.

  • Pool liners and linings
  • Reflective Metallic Insulation
  • Endothermic Fire Protection
  • Waste Boxes and containers
  • HVAC ducts
  • Energy Absorbers
  • Special Projects

Darchem also can offer a full service including design, manufacture and installation capability (where required). This capability combined with the knowledge and experience of working on active plant throughout the world, gives Darchem a unique and comprehensive skill set to support our customers.

Pool liners and cell linings: Darchem was first successful in designing, manufacturing and installing the then unique modular approach to the Sizewell B pool liners. The Sizewell B pool liners have never leaked due primarily to the benefit of the enhanced quality achieved from most of the work being undertaken in factory conditions. Our most recent contracts have come from Sellafield and Hinkley C.

Reflective Metal Insulation (RMI): The Darchem RMI product "Darmet™" is probably the most thoroughly tested RMI in the world. Darchem experience began with the first European nuclear power plant to utilise RMI and has continued uninterrupted until the present day. Highly engineered and precisely manufactured Darmet™ provides an assured thermal performance with minimised handling where removability is needed for in service inspection. Attention to detail is the key to success with RMI as any poor fit up allows the heat to escape. 3D modelling and trial assembly ensure the correctness of the completed system.

Passive Fire Protection Systems: The Darchem product KM1™ was developed in the 1990’s to meet fire protection challenges that emerged in US nuclear power plants. It has been extensively used throughout the US and Korea for cable protection and other critical applications. KM1™ is now also certified for use in Europe. KM1™ is endothermic, and is a modular system that allows easy access to cables for inspection, modification or replacement.

Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) Containers: Darchem is a manufacturer of 3m3 ILW waste boxes for Sellafield. Darchem is bringing lessons learned as a lean supplier to the Aerospace industry to the project. This includes a bespoke cell layout and lean manufacturing methodologies.

High Integrity Ventilation Ducts: Darchem has a flexible approach to manufacture which enables it to provide the customer with a complete range of sizes and in an efficient and effective manner.

Honeycomb Impact Energy Absorbers: Within the Nuclear Industry there is often the need to protect equipment (or the floor) in the event of a dropped load scenario. Darchem is able to provide a complete bespoke service that ensures a closely controlled impact force from highly accurately manufactured stainless steel honeycomb with assured consistency.

Tanks (embedded and free standing): Darchem is often able to bring innovation to embedded tank design. No matter what the size, Darchem will provide an embedded tank that is mostly manufactured in the factory.

Heat Exchangers: Darchem has the skills and expertise to handle the more complex compact heat exchangers.

Special Projects: Darchem is always receptive to new applications of its skills, for example successfully supplying unique platforms for the removal of sludge from one of Sellafields ponds