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AI’s nuclear opportunities
30 November, 2022
In 2021 the IAEA hosted a Technical Meeting on Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Technology and Applications to identify priorities for future activities and consider what support the IAEA can provide.

SMRs and the dot com era for nuclear
29 November, 2022
Climate and security crises are prompting a reappraisal of nuclear power with SMRs widely seen as a route to resolve both these issues.

From STEM to STEAM: Re-defining the skills landscape
24 November, 2022
Scouring the standard recruitment pools for engineers will not be sufficient to meet the recruitment needs for a new generation of SMR development, argues Adam Ellis, Talent and HR Director at Rolls Royce SMR.

Time for a new focus on fast reactors
23 November, 2022
Fast neutron reactor designs have been under development since the earliest days of civil nuclear engineering. Despite their many potential advantages, the sector has been dogged by persistent technical challenges that have stunted the anticipated growth trajectory. That may all be about to change as breeder technology gets a rethink.

Uprating TRIGA fuel production
23 November, 2022
After decades of production in the USA, an uprated facility in France is now producing TRIGA uranium zirconium hydride fuel for use in both research reactors and a new generation of smaller SMRs

A young professional’s guide to working in the nuclear energy sector
22 November, 2022
For individuals interested in entering the field of nuclear energy, now is the best time to do so.

Data is key to an economic future
17 November, 2022
Should the nuclear industry invest in machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to better manage its asset base? Janet Wood argues the industry can start getting easy wins right now

Hitting net zero on enrichment
16 November, 2022
Nuclear power is key to a low-carbon future, but improving the climate performance of the entire value chain is another important part of the transition. Uranium enrichment company Urenco is one of the leaders of the pack

Culture is the key to success in nuclear operations
10 November, 2022
Benchmarking the criteria for success among US nuclear power plant operators reveals the key to improving performance - the right organisational culture

What follows JET fusion?
09 November, 2022
The radiological challenge in decommissioning a fusion reactor is a fraction of that of a fission reactor, and repurposing the site is a more immediate challenge. JET is recruiting a team to take that on

Deep thought on disposal
03 November, 2022
Successfully creating a deep geological disposal site for high-level waste has long been a key challenge for the nuclear industry. Now, a series of breakthroughs seems to show light at the end of the tunnel

EBRD looks at a new agenda in Ukraine
02 November, 2022
As its existing programmes reach an end, the Nuclear Safety Department of the EBRD has begun discussions over providing aid to Ukraine, once hostilities are over. It is discussing internally plans that will help return the Chornobyl site to a safe state and upgrade Ukraine’s other nuclear plants so they can export power and provide a significant income stream for Ukraine for many years ahead.

The importance of integrated logistics
26 October, 2022
Growing global uncertainties have increased reliance on supportability engineering and the reassurances it can provide in managing and minimising project risk

A global realignment
20 October, 2022
The uranium and nuclear fuel markets were already in a turbulent phase when the Ukrainian invasion placed Russia beyond the pale for many countries. There’s no doubt that has shaken global uranium markets, but the slow pace of change in the sector is proving useful in managing risk. Janet Wood reports

LP blade erosion: repair proves better than replacement
12 October, 2022
A project at a four unit VVER-440 nuclear power plant has demonstrated the effectiveness of repairs for free standing low-pressure steam turbine blades. The repair entails butt welding of bar-nose erosion shields made of Stellite 6B to the leading edges of the low-pressure blades that restores the aerofoil geometry whilst offering superior erosion protection.

Is there a place for a future nuclear-hydrogen economy?
05 October, 2022
The rapidly-expanding hydrogen economy is set to be an opportunity for nuclear. Taking advantage of that option will present a complex challenge for developers Janet Wood reports.

Next generation fast neutron reactors
28 September, 2022
We are running out of time to choose between good and bad in the power industry. Soon people will have to make a choice based on other criteria – between either extending the life of previous technologies or a new technology platform.

When the rearguard is the vanguard
22 September, 2022
It may seem counter-intuitive, but effective decommissioning has a critical role to play in the future of the nuclear energy industry.

Pyrohydrolysis of bituminized waste drums
21 September, 2022
Long-term stability concerns over bituminized waste prompted NUKEM Technologies to establish a novel pyrolysis process for treatment. Rainer Slametschka, Director Center of Competences at NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH and Stefan Thiel, Research assistant, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, explain.

Remote and digital technologies for decommissioning
15 September, 2022
Robots have a lot to offer the nuclear business, particularly when it comes to decommissioning and decontamination. A host of new developments not only shows the promise of robotics but also a route to recruiting a new generation of engineers for the nuclear business.

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