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Microgrids & small reactor deployment
28 September, 2023
A new report from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) presents a detailed cost and characteristics model for the deployment of small reactors in microgrid settings. The model can be used for analysing multiple scenarios to establish cost-competitive and zero carbon microgrids.

New nuclear energy in Singapore
27 September, 2023
Establishing a nuclear plant in a densely populated country like Singapore poses unique challenges and risks. Nonetheless, nuclear energy is being considered as a net zero option for Singapore due to its high-capacity factor and reliable power generation. How can the risks be managed?

Addressing the nuclear gender gap
21 September, 2023
From the earliest days of nuclear and radiological scientists and engineers, women have been pioneers in the sector – so why, despite ongoing efforts to address the imbalance, are there still so few women working in the field? A new report, which features the first publicly available international data on gender balance in the nuclear sector, reflects the latest thinking.

Replacing Russia
20 September, 2023
Russia’s nuclear sector continues its steady development despite ongoing hostilities in Ukraine and the associated sanctions regime which has, so far, not included nuclear. However, longer term, prospects remain cloudy.

Steam generator controls analysis
14 September, 2023
The steam generator level control system is a key instrumentation and control subsystem to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants. However, it is one of the most complex subsystems with more than 80 components and multiple failure modes. A Boolean Logic Driven Markov Process (BDMP) model offers better reliability analysis and a better maintenance strategy than traditional methods.

Asia’s nuclear power plans
13 September, 2023
The number of nuclear reactors is increasing in Asia and decreasing in Western Europe and North America. It’s setting the scene for a battle for global dominance.

A new age for US nuclear
07 September, 2023
With the commissioning of Vogtle Unit 3, the USA has completed its first new reactor in decades. Featuring a Gen III+ reactor, completion of the project is a breakthrough that potentially signals a new era for nuclear power.

A nuclear bank for scaling and risk mitigation
06 September, 2023
The mobilisation of trillions of dollars of global capital necessary for the nuclear sector to scale in the near-term can be supported by a new kind of financial institution – an international multilateral infrastructure bank focused exclusively on nuclear energy.

Solving the fusion multi-challenge
31 August, 2023
The digital world may be key to making fusion a reality in a realistic timeframe. It will rely on step changes in high performance computing and artificial intelligence, and an open-source approach to collaboration.

Fuelling high temperature SMRs
30 August, 2023
High-Temperature Reactor Fuel Technology is needed for upcoming High-Temperature Small Modular Reactor projects to replace fossil fuels and to tackle climate change. Reviving HTR fuel technologies that were first developed decades ago opens the door to a new generation of low-carbon industrial heat processes

Behind a nuclear decision
24 August, 2023
Sri Lanka has been considering a nuclear-powered future. A mission from the IAEA says the industry now needs to give legislators the tools they need to take decisions.

An advanced reactor strategic plan
23 August, 2023
The US Department of Energy (DOE) can be more effective in helping to commercialise advanced nuclear energy technologies and catalyse the private-public partnership that is needed. A report from the Nuclear Innovation Alliance explains how.

Caesium removal from waste water
17 August, 2023
Treating acidic wastewater containing radioactive 137Cs presents challenges in adsorption due to potential structural damage to adsorbents in acidic conditions and strong competition from protons. A novel layered calcium thiostannate (KCaSnS) that contains Ca2+ as a dopant opens a new way of designing high-performance adsorbents for caesium removal.

Solving the key nuclear challenge
16 August, 2023
With an aging workforce, extended reactor lifetimes and a swath of new nuclear development in the pipeline, the nuclear sector needs to get its house in order when it comes to workforce management. A new report from the IAEA explains how.

“Watchful Guardian” remote monitoring
10 August, 2023
Argonne National Laboratory researchers are pioneering the development of remote monitoring systems technologies to ensure the safety, security, and safeguards (3S) of radioactive material during storage, transportation, and disposal. Argonne’s Kevin A. Brown and Yung Liu outline the watchful guardian approach.

The end is the beginning
09 August, 2023
As its operating life closes, the Joint European Torus is becoming a focus for new ways of working that could eventually see a much more open nuclear industry. UKAEA’s Rob Buckingham tells NEI about a facility and an industry in transition.

Keep Nuclear Moving
03 August, 2023
Martin Porter, WNTI Secretary General, celebrates 25 Years of the World Nuclear Transport Institute and looks to the future.

An advanced reactor champion
01 August, 2023
Nuclear has historically been very challenging when it comes to attracting to private investment. The solution is a recruitment campaign for the investment community. Meera Kotak of Charles River Associates tells NEI how.

Building reliable and safe transport
27 July, 2023
As close to one thousand industry experts gathered in France last month for PATRAM – the International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials – Nuclear Engineering International caught up with Seth Kybird, Chief Executive of Nuclear Transport Solutions, at what is undoubtedly an exciting time for nuclear transport and logistics.

Communications and validation of seismic qualification
26 July, 2023
Consultants, clients and contractors should remain mindful of common issues that can impact the validity of the seismic qualification on their installations. This key safety issue can often be addressed with effective communications.

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