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Construction licence issued for Pallas reactor
16 February, 2023
The Netherlands Nuclear and Radiation Protection Authority (ANVS - Autoriteit Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming) has granted a construction licence for the Pallas reactor at Petten, in the municipality of Schagen. Rijkswaterstaat has also issued the Water Act permit for the intake and discharge of cooling water. This means the permit under the Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act for the construction of the buildings and cooling water pipes will also come into force.

Preparatory work begins for construction of Pallas reactor
23 November, 2022
Preparatory works have started to enable realisation of the construction of the Pallas reactor in the Netherlands. The Pallas Research Reactor will be built at Petten to replace the existing 45 MWt High Flux Reactor (HFR) that began operation in September 1960. Since then its use has shifted from nuclear material testing to basic research and the production of medical radioisotopes. HFR, operated by NRG on behalf of the European Union’s Joint Research Centre, has provided about 60% of European and 30% of the world's use of medical radioactive sources. The new 55MWt tank-in-pool type Pallas reactor will be able to deploy the neutron flux more efficiently and effectively than the HFR.

Netherlands government supports construction of Pallas reactor
22 September, 2022
Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Ernst Kuipers has announced that money has been allocated for the construction of the Pallas reactor at Petten, in The Netherlands. The ministry reserves €30 million ($29.5m) for the project this year and €129 million a year from next year, NRG said.

Thorizon raises funds for waste-burning thorium molten salt reactor
25 August, 2022
Dutch company Thorizon has raised €12.5 million for the development of its ‘thorium molten salt reactor’ that will use long-lived waste in combination with thorium as fuel. Thorizon is a spin-off from the Nuclear Research and consultancy Group (NRG), which operates the High Flux Reactor in Petten. Thorizon has been working on this new type of reactor for several years.

Covra plans new waste storage building
16 August, 2022
The Netherlands’ Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste (Covra) has said it plans to realise a new Multifunctional Storage Building (MOG). The MOG is specifically designed for the storage of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste in stackable storage containers. All documents required for the licence change were submitted to the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) at the beginning of August.

Petten starts research into fuel cladding for EDF
29 July, 2022
Work has begun at NRG’s High Flux Reactor in Petten, the Netherlands, to investigate material for fuel cladding tubes, according to NRG. In order to match the supply of electricity to fluctuating energy demand in the future, new fuel cladding tubes will have to be designed as temperatures will fluctuate. In December 2020, EDF and NRG started a collaboration and during the past 18 months preparations have been completed for the concept design, final design and fabrication of an irradiation installation.

Dutch regulator receives licence application for PALLAS reactor
12 July, 2022
The Netherlands nuclear regulator, Autoriteit Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming (ANVS) has said that the PALLAS Reactor Preparation Foundation (PALLAS) has applied for a licence for a new research reactor in Petten (municipality of Schagen, North Holland) for medical isotopes.

IAEA reviews NRG’s management of ageing High Flux Reactor
08 July, 2022
A team of seven international experts, on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), recently visited NRG's High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten, the Netherlands. The aim was to examine the way in which NRG manages the ageing of its installations. NRG celebrated the reactor's 60th anniversary last year.

Netherland's HFR restarts
21 March, 2022
The High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten in the Netherlands – a major source of medical isotopes – was restarted on 17 March, NRG announced.

NRG identifies defect that closed the HFR
14 February, 2022
The High Flux Reactor (HFR) project team at Petten in the Netherlands has provided a progress update on the reactor’s extended closure — during inspection activities on 21 January prior to the reactor start, a technical defect had been found in a cooling system.

HFR restart delayed at Petten
27 January, 2022
Restart of the high flux reactor (HFR) operated by NRG at Petten in the Netherlands has been delayed pending further investigation, NRG said on 25 January.

Dutch consortium set up to develop of molten salt reactors
04 March, 2021
The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) in the Netherlands said on 2 March that it had set up a consortium, along with TU Delft, DIFFER, and reactor developer Thorizon to accelerate the development of molten salt reactors (MSRs). Recent technological developments made by the partners provide the basis for the further design and testing of important processes and materials to be able to build an MSR, NRG noted. As well as producing energy, an MSR can also provide high-quality heat for industry. This type of reactor is also ideally suited for the use of thorium as a fuel, NRG added.

NRG and PALLAS to join forces
19 January, 2021
The NRG Foundation and the Preparation Pallas-reactor Foundation (PALLAS), both based in the Netherlands, announced on 14 January that they intend to join together into a single organisation.

Terrestrial Energy and NRG begin tests on IMSR graphite
16 November, 2020
US-based Terrestrial Energy has started a graphite irradiation testing programme with the Netherlands’ Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) using NRG’s Petten Research Centre’s High Flux Reactor (HFR).

Frazer-Nash to work on Terrestrial Energy's IMSR
27 November, 2019
UK-based Frazer-Nash Consultancy and Terrestrial Energy have signed a contract for engineering services related to the fabrication of the graphite moderator, a key component in Terrestrial Energy’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR).

Terrestrial Energy and NRG to study IMSR graphite behaviour
10 October, 2019
US-based Terrestrial Energy and Netherlands-based NRG have begun an irradiation programme to analyse the behaviour of graphite under the conditions it will experience in a Terrestrial Energy Integrated Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) core

Terrestrial Energy and NRG cooperate on molten salt reactor
07 February, 2019
US-based Terrestrial Energy and NRG (Netherlands) on 5 February announced a contract for materials testing at NRG’s High-Flux Reactor in Petten.

NRG completes testing of special steel for Iter
31 January, 2019
Netherlands nuclear research and consultancy group (NRG) has completed the irradiation testing in its High Flux Reactor (HFR) at Petten of a new type of metal that will be used in a test programme for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) under construction at Cadarache in Southern France.

NRG awarded funding for nuclear medicine research centre
21 January, 2019
Netherlands-based Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group NRG announced that the Kansen voor West organisation has awarded a subsidy of €6.8 million ($7.7 million) to develop FIELD-LAB, an initiative of the Advancing Nuclear Medicine consortium.

Toshiba to withdraw from South Texas Project
04 June, 2018
Japan’s Toshiba Corporation announced on 31 May that it is to withdraw from the project to build two advanced boiling water reactors (ABWRs) at the US South Texas Project (STP) nuclear site.

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