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Plotting a path to supply chain resilience
27 April, 2023
Growing concerns that a lack of supply chain resilience could curtail plans for nuclear new build is prompting action from multiple stakeholders, but the complexity of the global nuclear sector is such that no single solution could ever work.

Nuclear energy disputes: What can India learn from global trends?
18 April, 2023
As one of the world’s most active regions for nuclear development, India is pinning a lot of hope on nuclear power. How can the supply chain mitigate project risks within India’s legal framework?

The changing face of Canada’s nuclear industry
13 April, 2023
In the decade since the global recession and Fukushima slammed the nuclear sector, Canada has made significant advances in its capabilities. But in an era of multiple technologies and burgeoning markets for nuclear, Jacquie Hoornweg considers what defines “Canadian” in today’s nuclear sector.

Using AI to spearhead Gen IV reactor tech
30 March, 2023
The vast complexities of molten salt reactors are being made simpler by a new machine learning model. Argonne National Laboratory scientists Jicheng Guo and Ganesh Sivaraman tell NEI how their solution learns without teaching.

Unleashing industry potential
22 March, 2023
Developing both Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C will give the UK a significant boost building the skill sets needed for net zero, but for another key advantage is that the reactor design will allow replication between sites.

Looking very deep for disposal
16 March, 2023
Conventional thinking suggests nuclear waste should be disposed of in deep geological repositories not much more than a few hundred metres below ground. Deep directional drilling techniques pioneered and now mastered by the oil and gas industry offer are alternative solution.

Africa’s nuclear power plans
08 February, 2023
Backed by the IAEA, Africa is set to be one of the world’s nuclear development hotspots in the coming years as the continent looks to build a safe, secure and low-carbon energy system.

Facing the Monster
01 February, 2023
Thirty years ago last November, the IAEA’s INSAG-7 report took the prevailing narrative of the Chornobyl disaster and turned it on its head. Here, a key accident investigator tells the inside story of the report’s origins.

When does new nuclear become investable?
05 January, 2023
The UK is grappling with the problem of inviting the private sector to invest in new nuclear without interest driving up the price. Its solution cuts costs – but transfers the risk to consumers

Looking at pulsed laser nuclear fusion
07 December, 2022
As a realistic alternative to magnetic bottle designs, commercial laser-based fusion is closer to reality than ever before using high-powered pulsed laser technology

AI’s nuclear opportunities
30 November, 2022
In 2021 the IAEA hosted a Technical Meeting on Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Technology and Applications to identify priorities for future activities and consider what support the IAEA can provide.

A young professional’s guide to working in the nuclear energy sector
22 November, 2022
For individuals interested in entering the field of nuclear energy, now is the best time to do so.

Hitting net zero on enrichment
16 November, 2022
Nuclear power is key to a low-carbon future, but improving the climate performance of the entire value chain is another important part of the transition. Uranium enrichment company Urenco is one of the leaders of the pack

Deep thought on disposal
03 November, 2022
Successfully creating a deep geological disposal site for high-level waste has long been a key challenge for the nuclear industry. Now, a series of breakthroughs seems to show light at the end of the tunnel

One size fits all metering
08 September, 2022
Why has the Nuclear Power Industry failed to embrace and benefit from the digital revolution? Despite the obvious benefits it offers like higher reliability, accuracy, efficiency, and return on investment, nuclear operators have resisted adopting digital metering. Could that be about to change?

A global perspective on radioactive waste disposal
18 August, 2022
Radioactive waste is often presented as the Achille’s Heel of nuclear power, but a new holistic approach to waste management could transcend this perception.

Nuclear Safety: Zaporizhzhia and military conflict
13 July, 2022
In March, Russian forces took control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and its satellite town. Olexiy Kovynyev reflects on the events and what it means for the safety of nuclear power in conflict zones.

Nuclear newcomers surge
07 July, 2022
Dozens of countries are turning to nuclear power to meet their energy needs. The nuclear newcomers are here.

Cranes support new phase at PFSP
14 June, 2022
Cleanup work at Sellafield’s legacy ponds required two enhanced handling systems to reach hard-to-access areas, and to avoid potential collisions with existing lifting equipment.

Nuclear power position in the Philippines
26 May, 2022
Joseph Somsel looks at prospects for nuclear power in the Philippines, ahead of the May presidential election

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